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Steven Horne is a founding partner of the Horne Law Group. He has an array of expertise in the legal profession. He understands that the legal system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone -- so he strives to help you find the answers and solutions you need.  His education and experience has resulted in a strong success record.   

While obtaining his law degree, he specialized in International Law, International Human Rights, and Nonprofit Law.  His international experience has come from multiple employment opportunities abroad in Brazil, Japan, and the U.S.V.I.  Scholastically, portions of his collegiate and Juris Doctorate education were  done in Italy, Switzerland, and England at the University of Oxford.  During his extensive international experience, he has been to over 70 countries.

He currently sits on the board of directors for two International non-profit foundations, with work done in Kenya, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

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